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Content archived on 2023-04-12

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Real possibility to improve quality of life of people with reduced hearing, or deaf people.

Is it possible to improve quality of life of people with reduced hearing, or deaf people? Is it possible, to teach them to "hear" and understand the bees and to become beekeepers? Apivox Auditor says - YES !

Profession of the beekeeper, relies primarily on broad knowledge in the field of the biology of bees, their behavior, and on beekeeping itself, with all its peculiarities and cunnings. Of great importance in beekeeping, is the personal experience of the beekeeper. Very often, beekeepers say that they can listen to how bees are buzzing and approximately understand whether they are in good or bad state. When we discuss the possibilities of acoustic control, we certainly can understand such people. Experience in this work means a lot. But, of course, the beekeeper will never get such kind of information, using his hearing, that Apivox Auditor can give him. Рeople with reduced hearing or just deaf, are deprived such an opportunity at all... For people with reduced hearing or deaf people, Apivox Auditor will give an opportunity to see the "voice" of the bee hive. Beekeeper with reduced hearing or deaf, can see how the bees "buzz", and understand in what state they are. Moreover, this device will give an opportunity for them, to get information more than get those, who just simply hear the buzz of bees! Thus Apivox Auditor can let people who do not hear, but who know the basics of beekeeping, to work in the apiary as well as absolutely healthy people. In any case, they will be able to monitor the hives using acoustic control techniques, and if necessary, according to recommendation of the device, to open the hives and personally inspect the bees families. Such opportunities allow us to state, that using Apivox Auditor in apiaries can be a very important moment for rehabilitation of people with reduced hearing, or deaf people, and their integration into a normal workflow in such an uncomplicated branch of agriculture as beekeeping.


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