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Development of numerical models fo aircraft systems to be used within the JTI/GRA Shared Simulation Environment

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An all-electric aircraft system model library

Simulation software plays an important role in aircraft design. Novel libraries describing the behaviours of components destined for all-electric aircraft integrate seamlessly with other platforms for efficient testing of design concepts from very early on.

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In the pursuit of all-electric aircraft concepts to reduce noise and greenhouse gas emissions, electro-mechanical actuators that replace conventional hydraulic systems will play an important role. They promise reduced weight in a simpler package with aircraft-standard reliability. Scientists require suitable models of their mechanical, electrical and thermal behaviour that can be interfaced with already-existing modelling and simulation software. The EU-funded project E-BIRD has provided the solution. Researchers developed a library of models for electro-mechanical actuators and landing gear/flight control system assemblies in Modelica®. The library is subdivided into landing gear, flight control system and electro-mechanical actuator models for greater flexibility in combining subroutines with other modelling and simulation software. The models are currently supporting the full electrical system simulation of the Green Regional Aircraft, an Integrated Technology Demonstrator. Modelling and simulation software is critical to aircraft development, helping industry avoid extremely costly and time-consuming experimentation during initial design phases. E-BIRD’s contribution to that domain is already having important impact and is expected to find widespread application in design of future green aircraft. This, in turn, will help reduce carbon dioxide emissions associated with air transport to relieve the intense pressure human activity places on the planet’s sustainability.


Aircraft, all-electric, electro-mechanical actuators, models, landing gear, flight control system, demonstrator

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