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Traffic- Health- Environment. Intelligent Solutions Sustaining Urban Economies

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Innovative solutions for traffic management and urban mobility

A consortium of regional research clusters joined efforts to help advance developments and improvements in the fields of traffic, health and environment (THE). The aim was to create a base supporting the delivery of intelligent solutions for sustaining urban economies (ISSUE).

Industrial Technologies

The EU-funded project THE ISSUE (Traffic- health- environment. Intelligent solutions sustaining urban economies) examined transport policy and technology as key elements to achieving sustainable urban economies throughout Europe. Comprising of 13 core and 22 associate partners from more than 10 research clusters across Europe, the consortium included industry, research institutions and government bodies from each project region. Teams studied the impact of traffic on health and the environment and identified the potential of various technological solutions to promote sustainable transport in cities. Proposed solutions are based on information and communication technologies (ICT) and downstream space data and services used to reduce traffic congestion as well as improve air quality and journey duration. THE ISSUE's main deliverable was a state-of-the-art 'Programme of Innovation in Sustainable Transport and Intelligent Mobility (2014-2020)', which highlights 46 innovation actions addressing strategic objectives in six challenge areas. Each area reflects priorities where existing ICT and space technologies could advance operational implementation and market growth of innovations in intelligent traffic management and urban mobility. A new European Special Interest Group (ESIG) in traffic, health and environment was established by the project's 12 regional clusters to take the Programme forward. The ESIG will also ensure the cluster network's long-term sustainability, help deliver the joint action plan and assist the future inclusion of other regions. Other project achievements include a 'Roadmap for Innovation in Transport & Urban Mobility', a new approach to university-industry-government relationships in promoting innovation, and new perspectives on future patterns of urban mobility. Another output is the publication 'Space and ICT Applications Supporting Smart, Green, Integrated Transport and Urban Mobility'. Project work has paved the way for a forward-looking Europe-wide research and implementation plan that promises more sustainable transport economies across Europe's cities, towns and regions. THE ISSUE has provided support for regional policy and planning and regional authorities to deliver smart, green, integrated transport solutions with environmental and health benefits.


Traffic management, urban mobility, health, environment, urban economies, sustainable transport, THE ISSUE

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