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Relevance of accounting information for corporate debt financing

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New empirical research for accountancy

New empirical research for accountancy

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Funded by the EU, the 'Relevance of accounting information for corporate debt financing' (CUBE) project investigated the effects of changes in accounting regulations on financial statements. Research focused on the debt holders' perspective and the links between financial reporting, the legal and institutional environments, and the debt market. Teaching, research, journal submissions and organisational activities were undertaken to promote the project and its findings. Two papers are being peer-reviewed and another has been accepted for publication in an EU-based journal. The researchers also organised a summer school for doctoral/PhD students from nine European countries and the United States on the topic of empirical financial accounting research. The summer school included four international faculty members. Findings were presented to the academic community, practitioners, regulators and policymakers through participation at conferences, seminars and workshops.CUBE has succeeded in generating and transferring knowledge on the economic effects of changes in accounting regulations. Project efforts also led to an extended and enhanced research network and collaborations spanning Europe and the United States.


Corporate debt financing, accounting information, accounting regulations, debt holder, financial reporting, debt market

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