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Demonstration action for an Easy POSitioning for patients with reduced mobility

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A bed for patients with limited mobility

About one third of nurses' injuries come from moving patients. An EU-funded project designed a bed that makes this task easier.

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Medical beds serve an important need for patients with limited mobility in both hospitals and homes. The project 'Demonstration action for an easy positioning for patients with reduced mobility' (EPOSBED-DEMO) has developed a medical bed for this population that makes use of technology. The primary project objectives were to find a sensing device for a bed that is more affordable than the one currently in place, adjust the software to make it more efficient, adjust the motor of the bed, develop a lighter bed frame, and conduct clinical trials. During the first part of the project, a lab-scale prototype was developed. Researchers then started work to prove this product is viable in the market. To accomplish this goal, they aimed to produce an industrial-scale prototype and train medical professionals. The project accomplished many of its goals. A German manufacturer was selected to redesign aspects of the bed. A new bed frame was developed, along with a redesigned sensing device and updated software. The ethical committee cleared the project, and the bed is now ready for clinical trials at the Hospital San Pedro in Spain. Press documents have been disseminated to spread awareness about the bed, and developers have applied for patents in the EU and the United States to extend the reach of this development. This bed will allow users to have more mobility and autonomy over their movements. It will also take some of the physical burden of moving patients off hospital workers and caregivers. Importantly, however, this bed has the potential to improve the quality of life for patients largely confined to their beds.


Limited mobility, nurses, medical beds, patients, technology, bed frame, medical professionals, hospital workers, caregivers

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