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ERA-AGE Extension

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Supporting active, healthy ageing

As Europe's population ages, the need for related research has grown. An EU-funded project created collaborative projects and a cadre of postdoctoral fellows.


The project 'ERA-AGE extension' (ERA-AGE 2), built on the success of an earlier project, ERA-AGE, by adding Member States to the consortium and expanding opportunities for researchers across Europe. Seven new members were brought in, bringing the total to 20. The pioneering FLARE programme for early-career researchers, a key component of ERA-AGE, expanded during the project's second phase. Fifteen new fellows were funded, and they pursued multidisciplinary projects ranging from the impact of exercise on the elderly to programmes for elderly care. The FLARE 2 fellows benefited from an addition to the programme: three summer schools providing opportunities for networking. Over a four-day period, past and present fellows came together for lectures, discussion groups and social events. Networking was an integral part of the project for all participants. ERA-AGE 2 sponsored a series of four networking forums for key stakeholders. Issues discussed included social and economic resources and environments that support healthy ageing. Another accomplishment was the launch of Europe's first joint research programme in the ageing field. The project put out a call for multi-national research on active and healthy ageing with the goal of contributing to a two-year increase in life expectancy across the EU. Of the 35 applications received, six were awarded funding. Partners have continued to add to the project's databases with information about research centres, funders and researchers. The website was also expanded and will remain an active archive of the project. ERA-AGE 2 has had a significant impact on the field of ageing. Not only has it broadened research opportunities and supported early-career researchers, it also informed ageing polices throughout Europe. The project has built multi-stakeholder partnerships with a joint commitment to bringing about active, healthy ageing.


Healthy ageing, ageing, elderly care, active ageing, researcher mobility

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