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European and Chinese Platform for Nano Handling, Assembly and Manufacturing

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EU-Chinese nano collaboration

An EU-Chinese team investigated nanotechnologies. Over a total of 30 person months of exchange visits, the team studied new nano handling, assembly and manufacturing technologies, interferometric optical tweezers, manipulation of nanoparticles and the potential of laser interference patterns.

Industrial Technologies

European research organisations often wish to develop relationships with their Chinese counterparts in key technological areas. One such area is nanotechnologies. The EU-funded 'European and Chinese platform for nano handling, assembly and manufacturing' (ECNANOMAN) project aimed to establish such long-term research relations in the nanotech field. The relations were to be achieved via a series of research exchange visits. Specifically, the three-year undertaking addressed nano-handling, assembly and manufacturing technologies; these potentially have broader applications, including nanomedicine, ecology, nanoelectronics and photonics. ECNANOMAN included four European and five Chinese partners, and ran between mid-2011 and mid-2014. The project organised a total of 30 person months of researcher visits. The team studied new nano handling, assembly and manufacturing technologies, interferometric optical tweezers, and developed a system for manipulation of micro- and nanoparticles. Investigations included the potential for using multi-beam laser interference patterns in handling applications. A hybrid robotic nano-manipulation system was also designed and tested. Lastly, the team developed a dual-tip nano imaging and manipulation system. Project work yielded seven journal publications and four patents, and was presented at various conferences. ECNANOMAN helped to establish research relationships with Chinese partners. The undertaking involved numerous research visits, during which the project studied nanotech applications.


Nanotechnologies, interferometric optical tweezers, nanoparticles, laser interference, nano handling

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