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Global Model and Observatory for International Responsible Research and Innovation Coordination

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A global network to advance responsible research and innovation

To embed responsibility in research and innovation processes, there is a need to mainstream efforts so stakeholders can cooperate in the creation of a common responsible research and innovation (RRI) language. An EU-funded initiative has created a network of international stakeholders to adopt and diffuse a common understanding in RRI among different actors the world over.


The project RESPONSIBILITY (Global model and observatory for international responsible research and innovation coordination) has developed a model and tool for international cooperation on RRI. Partners also produced recommendations in support of interaction between society and research for policymakers and RRI stakeholders. RESPONSIBILITY organised a set of workshops where stakeholders could contribute insights and for exchanges on actions the project could take to implement its strategy and integrate RRI. This supported work on establishing a virtual RRI platform comprised a Forum for engaging stakeholders and an Observatory of Responsible Research and Innovation. The Observatory builds on active commitment and the various interests of an emergent network that continuously uses, assesses and modifies related materials. Related RRI projects provided input contributing to the development of the content of the platform, both elements of which are accessible through the project website. The team has produced three lightweight policy reflections and one industrial reflection on highly disputed themes (e.g. drones and cloud computing). The Policy Brief 'RRI for Security Technologies' presents and addresses gaps in the security domain that RRI can effectively address. The 'Theoretical Landscape Report' critically explores the definition of RRI and problematizes the conditions of its application, demonstrating that the conceptualisation of RRI is fraught with problems and discrepancies. Project partners merged glossaries and terms explained in the footnotes of deliverables from all related RRI projects in a joint document. This 'Common RRI Glossary' is included in the materials assembled in the Observatory. Other project work included synergy actions with relevant initiatives and actions to integrate the work already done by other RRI projects. This line of work targets the future sustainability of project outcomes and ongoing active involvement of the scientific community. Overall, project efforts have opened opportunities for interaction on and working through the topic of RRI. The results should deliver wide-reaching impact that will be invaluable for nesting RRI into products and services from the design phase. This will benefit citizens in Europe and beyond.


Responsible research and innovation, responsibility, international cooperation, RRI stakeholders, co-creation and engagement tool

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