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Content archived on 2024-05-28

MOrocco and the EU: strengthening BIlateral Links in Innovation and Science for Economy

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Stronger EU-Morocco research in science, technology and innovation

EU funding recently supported an institutional twinning programme to strengthen and bring Morocco's research and innovation system closer to the European Research Area (ERA). This contributes to standing bilateral initiatives and programmes in the field of science, technology and innovation (STI).

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Morocco is a large, dynamic country very close to Europe and represents an important EU partner in numerous collaboration efforts on many levels. The EU-funded MOBILISE (Morocco and the EU: Strengthening bilateral links in innovation and science for economy) project consolidated and built on the achievements of the M2ERA project. It improved industry based on innovation cooperation between the EU and Morocco, establishing joint collaboration and networking of technical platforms and research laboratories, and facilitating industrialisation based on innovation and knowledge. Moreover, the project worked to mobilise Moroccan competencies in Europe and establish joint innovation research centres. Its key achievements include a report on a foresight exercise for EU-Morocco cooperation in STI, supported by a workshop in Rabat, Morocco, and three brokerage events. The project team also conducted three workshops on agriculture, food/biotech, and energy/water/environment. Key outcomes include a handbook and indicators to assess STI between the EU and Morocco, as well as a cluster cooperation catalogue with over 400 European organisations. These efforts were supported by a visit of EU cluster experts to Morocco and a visit of Moroccan experts and cluster managers to Europe, establishing as well cluster-to-cluster cooperation. Other important project outcomes include a database of laboratories and analytical platforms nationwide, training exchanges between Europe and Morocco, and an agro-food conference in Rabat titled 'Genomics and Bioinformatics for Agricultural Research'. MOBILISE has helped identify common research priorities and strengthen the thematic National Contact Point network, as well as transfer of know-how and best practices. Capacity building provided necessary input and supported policy dialogue to link strategic agendas for research, development and innovation. Thanks to these efforts, EU-Moroccan collaboration in a number of STI fields continues to flourish.


Morocco, science, technology, innovation, MOBILISE, bilateral links

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