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NETwork for GREEN growth Indicators

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Online repository to better measure green growth

To transform Europe into a green economy, stakeholders have created various indicators to measure how much progress has been achieved. An EU initiative examined tools that assess green growth and sustainable development to facilitate this transition.

Climate Change and Environment

Hundreds of green economy indicators are either not used or developed enough. To improve measurement, a better overall understanding of indicators and how they are specifically used and defined is required. The EU-funded NETGREEN (Network for green growth indicators) project provided support on how to properly utilise green economy indicators and identify those most suitable for the specific needs of users. To achieve its aims, it nurtured sustainable dialogue on green growth and green economy among various stakeholders. Work began by mapping existing initiatives and indicators to measure sustainable development and the transformation to a green economy. These indicators were then assessed, leading to a report on how the green economy will be realised, how perspectives differ and what accounts for these differences. An open access, searchable web database for indicators targeting policymakers and decision-makers at EU, national, regional and local levels went live in 2015. As the project's main outcome, it supports relevant stakeholders who are searching for appropriate indicators to address their policy issues. As such, the online tool helps them to identify and understand the best indicators to measure progress towards the green economy. It is based on a framework of green economy policy outcomes that cover all five pillars of the green economy: environmental sustainability; social justice; quality of life; economic sustainability and resilience; and effective governance. For ease of use, all indicators are classified into topics, and keywords are linked to these topics. Project partners produced a series of policy briefs that demonstrate how the indicators are used. Covering such topics as resource efficiency, eco-innovation, headline indicators of progress and sustainable development goals, the briefs were presented at four dedicated workshops. NETGREEN enhanced the way key actors access and employ indicators for sustainable development and green economy. They will be in a position to gain further insight into the linkages between economic development and the improvement of society and the environment.


Green economy, sustainable development, NETGREEN, green growth indicators

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