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Researchers get a career boost via new EURAXESS Network in FYROM

The former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia (FYROM) had taken preliminary steps to set up a EURAXESS Services Network. An EU initiative helped to officially launch the Network throughout the country.

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A EURAXESS Network had been unofficially running on a volunteer basis since early 2011. A dedicated website was also set up that provides much of the same information available on other EURAXESS portals. In addition, the Macedonian Academy of Sciences and Arts participates fully in all training offered by the European Commission and the EURAXESS Network in order to educate and train its staff on issues concerning EURAXESS Service Centres. The EU-funded EURAXESS MK (EURAXESS Service Network former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia) project supported all operational aspects with a view to formally establishing a EURAXESS Services Network. Project partners officially set up the Network by establishing Service Centres and training personnel or the newly appointed local contact points at major universities across the country to address issues concerning mobile researchers. A portal was created to inform the public of the official launch. The EURAXESS MK team produced two mobility guidebooks for national and foreign researchers on relocating to and from FYROM. Two seminars were organised to encourage participation and raise awareness of mobility issues. The training sessions mainly informed research departments, policymaking bodies, human resources managers and researchers on EURAXESS funding opportunities, available mobility services, the job portal and rights. Three dissemination workshops raised awareness about the EURAXESS Network and stimulated conversation between the public and relevant stakeholders on the appeal and significance of a research career. Thanks to EURAXESS MK, FYROM is a full member of the EURAXESS Services Network. Membership ensures growth and innovation via greater researcher mobility and integration into the European Research Area (ERA).


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