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European Network of Knowledge Transfer in Health

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A boost for knowledge transfer in the European health sector

A recent EU-funded initiative has helped to reinforce knowledge transfer offices in universities, public research organisations and hospitals. Focused on the health sector, the effort was also dedicated to promoting industry-academia transnational collaboration.

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The project ENTENTE (European network of knowledge transfer in health) has established a steady stream of European-wide knowledge transfer (KT) activity through networking and other activities. KT in health is critical to bringing world-class research from the lab to the market, benefiting patients. It also serves to link industry and science for safer and enhanced medicines and technologies that can be more readily adopted by industry and commerce. ENTENTE achieved its main objectives through work in four key areas. Networking and exchanges involving the full range of stakeholders has resulted in a community of 1 530 members. Related activities include dedicated newsletters, presentations at over 30 networking events in Asia, Europe and the United States, the organisation of 2 dedicated ENTENTE events, and an active social media presence on Twitter and LinkedIn. Professionals from technology transfer organisations (TTOs), which play a fundamental role in KT, were given the opportunity to share experiences and best practices. Activities in this project area include the online publication of 102 best practices and 16 policy measures, the release of 12 best practice videos, presentations of 25 success stories, and an online guide to technology transfer. A third area of work involved implementing an exchange programme for technology transfer professionals in health. This comprised four calls for candidates, attracting 129 eligible applications from 83 TTOs and 22 countries and a total of 34 exchanges. Finally, ENTENTE worked to formulate and deliver recommendations for enhancing KT in health at the European level. This was realised through nine meetings of the advisory boards, two public reports, and one White paper for TTOs, academics, industry and policymakers on how to facilitate technology transfer in Europe in the health sector. Partners also developed key recommendations and actions for promoting KT in Europe. Project work and outcomes are helping to boost KT capacity in the European health sector. ENTENTE has thus also provided support for universities, public research organisations and institutes struggling to compete with pharma and biotech companies in recruiting and retaining competent resources.


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28 March 2022