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Content archived on 2024-06-18

Validation and commercialization of improved solutions for rest systems from ALL4REST project (ALL4RESTgo2MARKET)

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Novel mattresses, bedclothes and pyjamas for healthful sleep and rest

Promising integrated solutions to improve the quality of sleep have been developed. An EU-funded project is bringing to market new rest systems with improved comfort that promote deeper, more restorative sleep.

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The ALL4REST project demonstrated that different biofibres can be integrated into manufacturing processes to develop textile-based products such as mattress ticking, knitted fabrics for pyjamas or plain fabrics for bedclothes. Results showed that these biofibres are more beneficial than their standard equivalents. Building on the outcomes of its predecessor, the EU-funded ALL4RESTGO2MARKET (Validation and commercialisation of improved solutions for rest systems from ALL4REST project) project set out to further validate the developed innovations' enhanced tactile and thermal comfort and improved rest quality. Overall, the aim was to commercially exploit the proposed solutions. Work began with an analysis of consumer behaviour, identification of customer segments and four target markets, and an assessment of the market potential of the solutions. Project partners validated the mattresses in order to produce a new mattress that improves rest for sport enthusiasts and boosts their overall performance. To improve on rest, they also validated the use of biofibres in the pyjamas and bedsheets. The thermoregulation and comfort properties of all three products were assessed. The ALL4RESTGO2MARKET team delivered business plans and commercialisation strategies for the three products. It is in the process of commercialising a mattress designed for active recovery and enhanced physical ability. The mattress will improve blood circulation, reduce muscle aches and pains, and regulate body temperature. Thanks to ALL4RESTGO2MARKET, it will not be long before active consumers reap the benefits of a good night's sleep as a result of ready-to-market mattresses, bedclothes and pyjamas.


Mattresses, bedclothes, pyjamas, rest systems, ALL4RESTGO2MARKET

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