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Innovation Partnership for a Roadmap on Vaccines in Europe

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A roadmap to successful vaccination in Europe

An EU initiative established a comprehensive roadmap for vaccine research and development in Europe.


Medical needs are continuously changing, necessitating the immediate translation of research findings into clinical practice. However, this is often hampered by fragmented efforts or delays along the research and development chain. In addition, most innovations, such as in the case of vaccine development, require a multidisciplinary approach and concerted efforts for a successful outcome. The EU-funded IPROVE (Innovation partnership for a roadmap on vaccines in Europe) project was launched to establish and prioritise innovations in the field of vaccination in Europe. The consortium comprised four renowned organisations in the vaccination field whose vision was to identify innovations and technologies that could address vaccine needs against infectious and non-infectious threats. During the initial phase, partners consulted experts from public health and regulatory bodies, industry, academia and research organisations, as well as funding and policy bodies. Alongside an analysis of the entire vaccine innovation chain, the consortium identified the needs for discovery and development, including interventions necessary to improve education and public awareness. The roadmap emphasised the need for continuing basic vaccine research and prioritising the development of a more rational approach for antigen selection and vaccine design. In addition, it became evident that the design of clinical trials should be evidence-based, with advanced tools and infrastructure for data collection, analysis and translation. Towards this goal, funding and partnership must be in place across sectors to support the networks for vaccine research and development. Furthermore, the roadmap suggested pan-European approach for addressing vaccination hesitancy of both the general public and healthcare professionals. The consultation process was built on existing research initiatives. However, a pan-European coordination in the political, policy and fiscal framework is needed for long-term vision and commitment. Implementation of the roadmap suggestions should foster a more cooperative approach to vaccine research and development in Europe. By improving the efficacy and efficiency of research funding and investment, partners hope to generate innovative vaccines and contribute to the wellbeing of European citizens.


Roadmap, vaccination, research and development, innovation, consultation

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