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Modelica Standard Library for Thermodynamic and Transport Properties

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New Modelica library for the process industry

EU-funded industrial researchers have developed an open source library for modelling of multi-phase and multi-component fluids. This open access framework enables engineers from the chemical and process industry to start using Modelica for process simulation.

Industrial Technologies

Within the EU-funded project MODELICAPROP (Modelica standard library for thermodynamic and transport properties), industrial researchers developed an updated framework consisting of MultiPhaseMixture, a Modelica library for multi-phase multi-component fluids, and an external C/C++ Modelica property interface, with backends to CAPE-OPEN Thermodynamics, RefProp and FluidProp. CAPE-OPEN is an open standard for interoperability of chemical process engineering applications. CAPE-OPEN Thermodynamics is an open standard for thermodynamic properties that is supported by various tools in the process industry. RefProp and FluidProp are commercial thermodynamic properties packages. The framework also contains a Modelica library for distillation processes for verification and testing of the media interface design. Modelica libraries allow engineers to model complex systems, increasing the ability to optimise design and operation. Project researchers believe that the newly developed library will also be well suited to describe related physics in the aerospace industry.


Modelica library, chemical industry, multiphase fluids, MODELICAPROP, thermodynamics

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