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LipidDrive - Lipidomics cloud computing platform and app

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Cloud computing platform set to revolutionise lipidomics research

A new cloud computing platform will unlock the potential of lipidomics for researchers and healthcare experts by providing high-quality and comparative data analysis.

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Lipidomics – the study of lipid molecules in cells, tissues and biofluids – has the potential to revolutionise medical science, thanks to its low-cost, high accuracy and deep insights into cellular function. However, the lack of data standardisation and common protocols renders an estimated 70 % of lipidomics data incomparable, wasting globally EUR 14 million in research costs every year. Furthermore, tests require large computer processing power, which most researchers don’t possess and there are few online resources for data collaboration. Thanks to the EU-funded LipidDrive project, a new breakthrough cloud computing platform allows researchers to process, store and share analytical data in a standardised format. A feasibility study was carried out to test the lipidomics cloud computing platform capabilities and performance. The overall aim was to prepare for commercialisation and make the cloud computing platform the most valuable online resource for this fast-emerging discipline. Saving millions in research costs LipidDrive aims to “eliminate the data error rate in lipidomics research and save millions in research costs otherwise wasted due to data error,” says project coordinator Dr Kim Ekroos. “It’s the first-ever cloud computing platform, targeted to become the most valuable online lipidomics resource for academics, industries and clinicians, low-cost diagnostics for common medical conditions and personal health diagnosis.” Ultimately, LipidDrive sets new cornerstones for the future that will transform lipidomics from a niche field into a mass market health service. Healthcare and personalised medicine demands descriptive, faster and cost-effective diagnostic tools to direct therapies for the benefit of patients. “We simply need to make lipidomics ready for this,” stresses Dr Ekroos. Lipidomics studies quantifiable information about the profile and interaction of lipids in humans. There are thousands of bioactive lipids that play key roles in all kinds of diseases. Mass spectrometry is enabling greater analysis of lipids to identify indicators of disease but lack of data standardisation, processing capacity and collaboration are major issues. LipidDrive is designed to “unlock the current hurdles and guide scientists and medical doctors to understand biology and the patient’s health condition,” notes Dr Ekroos. The technical and economic viability of the LipidDrive business innovation was confirmed. “Qualitative and quantitative studies from beta users from different industries and academic backgrounds globally have provided essential feedback about needs and how the product meets them,” explains Dr Ekroos. “This information has been productively utilised to enhance, mature and plan required technological scalability of LipidDrive.” Commercial roadmap produced The commercialisation roll-out roadmap produced identifies key segments, effective communication channels and stakeholders to successfully enter the market. LipidDrive’s intellectual property was secured. According to Dr Ekroos, the project is under active development, and in the process of identifying strategic partners and actively preparing for an EU SME Phase 2 submission. LipidDrive will target researchers in universities, pharmaceutical and nutritional industries, and hospitals and clinics through direct sales and partnerships with hardware vendors. “Demand and willingness to pay have been confirmed by interest from several large companies,” says Dr Ekroos. Lipidomics is expected to follow the growth path of proteomics, which is worth EUR 20 billion annually. “LipidDrive is solving major business challenges for multiple target groups, advancing research, biomarker discovery, diagnosis, treatments and personal health,” concludes Dr Ekroos. “It revolutionises the field by combining simplicity, unlimited power, control, accessibility, connectivity and user friendliness into a single solution.”


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