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The most cost-efficient video ad creation platform; +5.000.000 video-minutes per hour of hyper-personalised videos instantly and at massive scale

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An easy-to-use, automatic means for making online video campaigns

With the support of EU funding, TheMotion has created a global platform that helps small and medium-sized enterprises easily create professional-grade online video marketing campaigns.

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According to (the Spanish Ministry of Economy and Business), nearly 23 million Spaniards buy products online, and 31 million rely on the internet for information about products and services. Although 60 % of Spanish small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) have a website or a social media presence, the vast majority – 70 % – do not invest in the digital advertising needed to convert this online presence into sales. Seeing potential in what is essentially a missed opportunity, the EU-funded TheMotion project set out to make online marketing more accessible to SMEs. “Our goal was to provide SMEs with the knowledge and easy-to-use tools they need to launch a dynamic, effective online marketing campaign,” says Jaime Saenz de Miera, TheMotion project coordinator.

Global ambitions

Launched in 2016, TheMotion quickly became the Spanish market’s most cost-efficient platform for creating video ad content. Since then, customers have used the platform to produce over 1 million videos. With TheMotion, any company with a digital catalogue can create thousands of video ads that are personalised in a way that carries the viewer from interest to conversion. “Although successful, our ambition was to go global,” explains de Miera. “We wanted to disrupt the traditional video production and online marketing industry by providing companies of all sizes with the means of mass-producing content at an affordable price.” But before the team could achieve world domination, they first needed to upscale – which is where the EU funding came into play. By bringing together some of the top technological experts in the field, this project focused on automating processes, improving technologies and integrating services with the online ad industry.

Automatic platform for SMEs

Out of this effort came Adgoclick, an intelligent, one-stop-online-video-marketing platform. Specifically geared towards SMEs, Adgoclick is an easy-to-use, completely automatic platform for creating online marketing campaigns. To start, all you have to do is log onto the Adgoclick platform and enter your company’s web address. Using a unique algorithm, the platform then automatically creates a range of marketing collateral, complete with images, videos and animation. “The process is so smooth and the result so professional that you would be hard pressed to distinguish between a campaign created via Adgoclick and one created by a large multinational company’s team of marketing experts,” says de Miera. Once created, the platform then configures, activates and optimises the marketing campaign to reach the public most interested in your products or services. Campaigns are automatically distributed to the key online distribution channels, including popular social media sites, news outlets and search engines. Adgoclick also regularly provides its clients with dynamic reports, so you are always up to date on how your campaign is performing.


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