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An international contest looking for innovators that use paper-based electronics

The H2020 project INNPAPER launches an Open Call for ideas that use paper-based electronics.

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Printed batteries, displays, temperature, humidity and genetic sensors… Over the last two years, the European project INNPAPER has been developing these electronic items, using only paper and conductive inks. Now the technology is almost ready to be used, and the project has launched an Open Call, looking for initiatives in the electronics field that have innovative ideas on how to use the project’s devices. The call will be open from April 1st until June 1st. For all the information on this Open Call, visit: INNPAPER is developing three use-cases following this technology: a cold-chain monitoring smart-label, bedside diagnostic tests for influenza and streptococcus bacteria, as well as caffeine and THC detectors. The aim of the Open Call is to expand beyond these use-cases. From labels to detect food spoilage, to novel diagnostic tests or interactive printing, the possibilities are endless. Researchers, companies and innovators from around the world are encouraged to participate. The only requisite is they are based on a country that is part of the Eureka Network. The winning proposal will get to kick-start the idea, getting a technical viability assessment, a manufacturing process flow, a roadmap to TRL 7 and an estimation of the cost of the technology. It will also gain privileged access to the project’s pilot printing line that includes, among other technologies, cutting edge roll to roll pilot coating technology, surface characterisation including AFM and SEM and inks formulation and sheet to sheet printing techniques. A list of all the technologies can be consulted on the project’s website. INNPAPER is a project funded by the European Commission H2020 programme. The project is led by the research Centre CIDETEC in San Sebastian (Spain) and involves another 2 Research Centres, 2 Universities, 3 Enterprises and 7 SMEs.


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