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Innovative and Smart Printed Electronics based on Multifunctionalized Paper: from Smart Labelling to Point of Care Bioplatforms


Being flexible, easily foldable and recyclable, paper as substrate and functional part of portable, wireless, and/or disposable electronic devices is emerging as a promising approach to develop sustainable electronics contributing to reduce the electronic waste. INNPAPER is a use-case driven project aiming at providing a configurable common electronic platform based on multifunctional paper. To develop innovative paper manufacturing approaches, including (Nano)cellulose functionalization, to generate paper with tailor-made properties (e.g. (super)hydrophobicity/philicity, conductivity, etc) at surface and bulk level will be the first key challenge of the project. Based on this progress, a configurable common platform comprising a variety of paper-based devices (printed battery, electrochromic display, antenna and hybrid electronic circuit), where the paper will act as substrate and active component, will be developed. The common platform will be the basis for the subsequent manufacturing of a variety of use-cases covering different industrial sectors, in particular packaging and Point of Care (PoC) assays (security, food traceability, medical). The paper-based platforms will be manufactured in existing printing and hybrid manufacturing pilot-lines located at the partners facilities, providing not only a high impact paper-based electronics business case but also an open-access pilot line network to the EU after the project. An eco-design strategy including sustainability and re-use issues will be implemented. Exploitation and Business plan to ensure the profitable use of the pilot-lines in short and long term timescale and the commercialization of the resulting paper-based platforms will be elaborated. The accomplishment of the INNPAPER targets will support the EU industry in the emergence of internet of things, consolidating the paper making and wood-harvesting industries and positioning EU in the environmental management of electronic waste.

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