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TETRAMAX’s last open call for Entrepreneurial Technology Transfer Experiments

TETRAMAX launched the last open call for entrepreneurial technology transfer experiments. If you would like to get your idea investor-ready, this call offers training and financial support up to €25,000. Apply before end of July 2020!

Industrial Technologies

The overall goal of an Entrepreneurial TTX is to mobilize, challenge and train small teams of potential entrepreneurs in the customized low-energy computing area, thereby having a long-term perspective. Therefore, this TTX is solely devoted to the exploration and evaluation of market and business opportunities, for example for typical “start-up formation” scenarios and acquisition of investments in the longer term. The focus is on a critical and systematic evaluation and generation of sustainable business opportunities for new, possibly disruptive, actors in Europe’s digital technology markets. More information:


innovation, technology transfer, IOT, CPS

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