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Maximise your funding chances: Join the interactive session to shape up your NGI experiment and to network with peers to present an EU – US proposal to the open calls.

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Fundamental Research Proposers Webinar From April 2020 until November 2021, will launch 5 Open Calls for 3rd party applicants, with a total budget of 2.8 Million Euro. The calls are open to European organisations - SMEs, large enterprise, public organisations - wishing to carry out high-quality Research & Innovation activities, with a US-based counterpart, on NGI experimental platforms. This webinar will focus on interested applicants, providing them an excellent opportunity to present and discuss their ideas for the three NGI topics introduced in the second Open Call. During the 45 minutes of the webinar, we will also give some space to the EU and US experimental platforms, showcasing how these can represent the ideal playground to push transatlantic research and innovation in the NGI to the next level. The event will serve as a unique networking opportunity for NGI enthusiasts and professionals who are looking for partners to meet and apply to's open call funding opportunities. When: 23 September 2020, 4pm CEST How: Webex platform The workshop is free and open to all interested stakeholders. Registration is required!


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5 August 2020