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Abundant and complex: Profiling the EU’s market for climate services

The EU-funded MARCO project established a consortium to provide detailed insights into the very large market for climate services in Europe.

Climate Change and Environment

The project consortium – gathering market research firms, climate scientists, and climate services practitioners and innovators – conducted nine case studies, forecasting future user needs and assessing market growth until 2030 to reveal opportunities and promote market growth. Each of the studies focused on a particular sector in a given geographic area: real estate in Copenhagen; mining at EU level; legal services in London; renewable energy in Denmark; water supply and sanitation in Catalonia; critical energy infrastructures in Germany and Poland; forestry and agriculture in France; urban infrastructure in Munich; and tourism in Austria. MARCO research found that while some sectors already benefit from a substantial offer of climate services today, others are very likely to emerge more strongly in the next few years (e.g. health, forestry, tourism and energy infrastructure). The team discovered that better links between public and private providers are important for developing more advanced climate services, while climate services on seasonal to decadal timescales might provide further market opportunities. Finally, the project partners recommended strengthening and harmonising climate resilience legal frameworks, as well as tracking climate finance schemes and investments in both public and private domains.


climate services, forecasting, mining, renewable energy, water