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Join our Horizon Europe Partner Search Database!

Enspire Science has launched an open Partner Search Database for the upcoming launch of Horizon Europe! Join today for potential consortia connections for relevant Horizon Europe calls.

Fundamental Research

As you know - we are approaching the official launch of the new Horizon Europe programme, which means many new and exciting funding opportunities for collaborative projects! In preparation for the new programme - Enspire Science is launching a “Horizon Europe Partner database”, with the purpose of creating meaningful and valuable consortia partnership opportunities for various Horizon Europe calls. Once calls are officially available, we will look for relevant matches within our database and, if we feel you’re the right fit for a potential consortium - we’ll be sure to reach out and invite you to join. Therefore, you are more than welcome to fill out a short form in order to join our database. **If relevant - be sure to distribute this opportunity to additional labs or researchers within your institution so they can join as well. Though we cannot promise to find you a match, we’ll be sure to reach out if we believe there is truly a room for collaborative partnership for a specific topic(s). Join our database here >


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