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Interview with Mads Bertelsen on performing McStas simulations with McStasScript (with DEMO)

Learn more on the McStas python interface McStasScript for neutron scattering simulation.

Fundamental Research Fundamental Research

Mads Bertelsen (European Spallation Source) is a PaNOSC contributor in work package 5 – Virtual Neutron and X-ray laboratory (ViNYL) >> His work is focused on developing neutron scattering simulation tools, ensuring that they can be exposed as online services. We interviewed Dr. Bertelsen to learn more on the new Phyton API McStasScript developed in PaNOSC. WATCH THE INTERVIEW here >>


EOSC, European Open Science Cloud, Neutron Scattering, Neutron scattering simulations, simulation, ViNYL, Virtual Neutron and X-ray laboratory, EOSC Services, Photon and Neutron facilities, PaNOSC

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