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Join our upcoming free Horizon Europe webinar sessions!

Learn how to best prepare for the upcoming program, and some of the key changes from the Horizon 2020 proposal template.

Fundamental Research

Reserve your spot at our upcoming free webinar sessions: Webinar 1: How to prepare for the new Horizon Europe programme During this 1 hour webinar (which includes an open Q&A session), we’ll understand the Horizon Europe funding mechanism, learn how to look for, read and understand calls topics, and how to begin preparing applications. March 25 at 10 AM CET. For additional information, and to sign up > Webinar 2: Horizon 2020 to Horizon Europe - key changes to the application template For those with previous experience with Horizon 2020, this 1-hour webinar (also includes an open Q&A session) will help focus on important adaptations you’ll need to make to upcoming Horizon Europe applications. In this webinar, we will focus on RIA and IA actions only. March 25 at 12 PM CET. For additional information, and to sign up >


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