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Horizon 2020 / Horizon Europe - Master of Finance series

All the financial issues of Research and Innovation projects in 3 days (Live webinars on 4-6 May 2021)

Climate Change and Environment

The Series consists of 3 parts, delivered in 3 days, online. On each day, the webinar starts at 14.00 CEST and the duration is 120 minutes each. You can attend the whole series or each session separately. *Day 1 (4 May 2021): Essentials of the Financial Rules in H2020 and Horizon Europe The event starts by introducing the essentials of the financial rules of H2020 and Horizon Europe: planning, calculating, reporting, reviewing. Meet all the financial rules of the Horizon 2020 Annotated Model Grant Agreement. -Budgeting and planning: Why it is the most crucial part? -What is a cost reimbursement? What is lump sum financing? -Actual costs and unit costs? Which one should I choose? -What makes any cost eligible? How to make them eligible? -Linking a cost to the project? What makes them direct costs? -Can I report indirect costs? If not, why not? *Day 2 (5 May 2021): Personnel Cost calculation in H2020 and Horizon Europe The second part of the Series goes into details on the Personnel Cost calculation in H2020 and Horizon Europe, by discussing the following topics: -Who and when can be charged to the project? -Actual or unit-based personnel costs calculation – so what? -Identifying eligible salary costs -Calculation routes – monthly or yearly? -Daily rate calculation in HE? -Productive hours – should I accept 1720? -Freelancers and temporary employees -Secondment – what is the added value? -What makes a timesheet bulletproof? -Project-based remuneration schemes in HE? *Day 3 (6 May 2021): Third-parties, Subcontrators and other direct costs in H2020 and Horizon Europe Helps you to discover the difference between third-parties and subcontractors, introducing the concept of the Linked Third Parties, and reveals one-by-one the other direct cost reporting protocols. -Third party articles – why, there are more than one? -Resource needed or service outsourced? -Subcontractors or Linked third parties? -Which one should be foreseen? Which one would your office prefer? -Travel costs – for employees and for other – is there a difference? -Equipment and other assets – how to calculate your facility costs efficiently? -Other goods and services – what’s in here? -How about internal cost transfers and charges? Are they eligible? -How will internal invoicing be accepted in HE? -Funding rates, receipts, CFS rules and payments – learn them all! -Guarantee Fund in H2020 and Mutual Insurance Mechanism in HE. More information and registration:


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