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Interactive total support and guidance for effective management of health and safety in manufacturing smes

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Health and safety compliance made simple

A new tool has been designed which will help to prevent losses incurred through prosecutions for inadequate health and safety management, estimated at over 10 billion EURO per year.

Digital Economy

In conjunction with the European Agency for Safety and Health at Work, the ITSAFE project has developed a software-based tool set that will enable companies to comply with health and safety legislation more effectively, and thereby avoid costly prosecutions. This tool is particularly aimed at SMEs, who have to comply with the same legislation as larger concerns, but with fewer resources, and for whom prosecution could cause severe economic problems. Using the ITSAFE tool, SMEs can create and implement a structured approach to health and safety management, document their procedures and guidelines, and monitor their progress. There are also guidelines for staff training, an up-to-date reference model for EU and national legislation, and on-line assistance in the management of health and safety issues. With all the health and safety information they require accessible from one source, companies will be less likely to face prosecution because employees will have a safer workplace. The project participants plan to develop their results into a marketable product for widespread dissemination.

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