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Train and get trained with simple to use SIMQUEST

SIMQUEST is an autonomous learning software, for the instruction and training, on technology and science domains. This new approach, offers more initiative and control in the hands of the instructor and student, contributing to the acquisition of knowledge.

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QUEST is an authoring tool for building educational simulation environments. It is a PC-based software offering to the student, a learning environment that combines a computer simulation with cognitive tools. Cognitive tools are software instruments that support the student in the learning process. Learning environments provide students with instructional support that helps them in the process of autonomous learning. For example, while working with the simulation, students can ask for extra explanations of phenomena or, for assignments to guide their interactions with the simulation. This tool offers the author (teacher), the flexibility of creating learning environments without the need for programming knowledge, or specific pedagogical knowledge. An author creates a learning environment with the help of a library that holds building blocks to construct learning environments, a set of tools for adapting these building blocks to the author's own needs and an infrastructure for support, including on-line pedagogical help, courses, user groups, and a helpdesk. SIMQUEST is intended to be used by authors who are domain experts, but who have no extensive programming experience and no experience in designing discovery learning environments. In addition, SIMQUEST is also suited for professional developers. Useful links:

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