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Smart Acoustic house

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Better building acoustics

Building acoustics, such as sound insulation and sound absorption are crucial concerns when constructing a vast array of building types, including offices and houses. In order to improve current practices in building acoustics, the SMARTACUS project thoroughly studied and developed innovative products for active noise control in building acoustics.

Industrial Technologies

This project, carried out by research and industrial professionals, is one of the first in the field of building acoustics and noise control. In fact, SMARTACUS developed completely innovative active noise cancelling elements while analysing sound absorption, sound insulation, and sound insulation in transparent structures. The methodology used by SMARTACUS consisted of two phases, a generic phase and an application phase. In the generic phase, the researchers developed the basic building blocks, including JMC and shutter blind actuators. The application phase essentially utilised and improved the innovations designed in the generic phase through extensive evaluation processes. In fact, the application phase met technical demands and needs in terms of sound insulation and absorption while concentrating on modelling, simulation and optimisation techniques. In addition, sound insulation research yielded a novel product - the active door for sound insulation that uses flat actuators and sensors along with a simple analogue control system. It is important to note that the active door improved sound insulation of 3dB to 10dB within the frequency range of 100Hz and 500Hz. In terms of creating active sound insulation for transparent structures, SMARTACUS resulted in an active window with an active acoustic shutter blind. Finally, the door and window sound insulation prototypes were constructed and tested in the dividing internal wall of a mobile office. In essence, SMARTACUS yielded significant improvements and innovative developments in the field of building acoustics that could be utilised within the industry.

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