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High-tech tours

Guided tours of cities are popular events for tourists and locals. A new complete software package that showcases the most interesting elements of the city along with other information, gives a new dimension to guided tourism by utilising state-of-the-art technology.

Digital Economy

Guided tours are useful for tourists, who are eager to explore new surroundings, while they stimulate local business. Similarly, local governments always like to boast about their city while offering organised and user-friendly ways of visiting museums and other events. The municipalities of Madrid and Benidorm have developed the VIEWS software package that makes guided visits of any city high tech and with more added value services. This package could prove advantageous for local governments as the VIEWS software package promotes highlights of the city and provides factual guided tours by utilising state-of-the-art tools and communication, including the Internet. In fact, the VIEWS application offers services such as the visualisation of visits and information. It also books visits and allows payment via the Internet. Of course, contacts and related links are also a part of the package. All these value added services could be of great use to tourists and locals. The flexibility of the VIEWS application allows it to be used in any European or international city, while its benefits are advantageous for local governments, businesses, and tourists.

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