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Energy efficient, intensified spray drying

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Computing images of spherical particles

Fluid flows are not only vital to, plant, animal and human life on earth but are also very important in many fields of technology, such as spray dryers. For this reason, the development of fluid mechanics has become an important research field. Within this field, a French scientific research institute succeeded in developing a robust code that accurately computes the image of 3-D homogeneous spherical particles.

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The new code that realistically models focused beams on spherical particles has been developed for imaging purposes. The combined generalised Lorenz-Mie and Huygens-Fresnel theories provide a unified framework for developing the model approach. The tool uses a number of geometrical, mechanical and optical parameters for accurately representing the images of off-axis, out-of focus spherical particles. Primarily, this code has been used for imaging purposes of particles and related optics when using the shadow Doppler technique. Thereby, the tool uses one of the few geometries, where the image of a 3D object is rigorously predicted. This technique allows measurements in industrial spray dryers including size distribution of particles, velocities and other related data. With the aid of this code, these measurements, in particular the size measurement accuracy, were improved. The technique is also capable of measuring irregularly shaped particles that are otherwise impossible to size with increased spatial precision. For further information on the final project report, click here. Apart from scientific purposes, practitioners, particularly in mechanical, aerospace, chemical, and civil engineering, are expected to use and apply this tool to the solution of various fluid dynamics problems. The institute is searching for partners for offering consulting or licensing services.

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