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Content archived on 2024-05-18

Transforming Broadcast Content Providers into

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Efficient content logistics platform

An EC funded IST project called SMARTCAST offers a novel content logistics solution for the efficient management and secure delivery of interactive streaming content via satellite.

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The Smartcast Content Logistics Solution has been developed by Eutelsat SA and offers full-featured content management and satellite delivery applications. The content logistics platform integrates independent service IP distribution platforms and innovative satellite technology called Digital Video Broadcasting Return Channel via Satellite (DVB-RCS). In addition, the platform combines content logistics software and a customised user-friendly interface that allows for easy operation by a single operator. The content logistics platform offers content providers, creators and managers unique capabilities of content management and delivery. More specifically, content upload is accomplished from the production site to the logistics server, whereby it may be remotely managed and scheduled for distribution via satellite. The content can be broadcasted for all or pre-selected receivers where content reception may also be checked for pay application. Being transportable over IP networks, (MPEG1, MPEG 2, MPEG 4, Real, Windows Media Player, MP3, wav files, text files, JPG) the platform is independent from content type. The tool features increased privacy and security with the aid of a separated and protected disk space on the server. It may also offer remote flexibility since content providers determine transmission schedules, priorities, content auto-execution, individual data carrousel set-ups and user groups. Most importantly, distributed content may be encrypted during transmission using specialised algorithms with public and private keys. The simple html interface employed may easily be adaptable to existing infrastructures and software and the receiver may be any DVB data receiver. Moreover, the platform allows access to advanced user receiver networks, such as corporate LANs, wireless or cable networks as well as any type of home networks for content redistribution. The increased complexity of the system is well hidden and operator training is limited to a few days. Furthermore, the system can be deployed within hours, which makes it suitable for event and live content creation. The platform may work with the "Smartcast Integrated Multimedia Production Line" or as a stand-alone solution with any other content creation and manipulation software.

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