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Innovation for R&D development

Perhaps one of the greatest disadvantages for research and development programmes was the lack of inter-community cooperation. Without which, most R&D programmes had to be self reliant on problem solving, developing research methodologies and dealing with the basics. INNOVANET introduces a means by which cooperation can produce better rewards.

Digital Economy

INNOVANET was developed in order to do more than just encourage R&D community cooperation. In fact, the project developers were far more ambitious than this, setting out to establish a strategic roadmap to increase both discovery capability and innovation velocity. In order to do so, INNOVANET undertook the study of how organisational knowledge management could be best structured and dealt with in order to promote innovation engineering. In addition it sought means to build more efficient and flexible pathways to establish competitive advantages within their business orientated goals. In order to bring innovation closer to market in a shorter time frame, studies on market pathways as well as user's needs had to be addressed. The infrastructure that resulted is capable of supporting European R&D communities in their research, in making new scientific discoveries and in the sharing of problems, both late-breaking and emerging. INNOVANET basically offers middleware toolkits based on the development of the innovation knowledge life cycle and concepts of its inherent knowledge value chain. Additionally, the toolkits allow for a wide range of available resources to be integrated through high-performance networks. Thus, INNOVANET toolkits allow for the exchange of ideas both of academic and experimental data, problem solving and the construction of innovative solutions. As such, INNOVANET is an innovation management environment usable by scientific and engineering communities alike, working from different locations. Allowing on the management scale, for the performing, integration, organising and distribution of knowledge including collaboration support, INNOVANET introduces a unique cross-boundary tool. Doing so should provide European R&D the versatility and cooperation in might have been lacking.

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Scientific advances
Digital Economy

4 September 2018