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Mobile Real Time TV Via Satellite Systems

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Global satellite TV on the move

Mobility and television viewing are not generally thought of as being compatible. Until recently, the performance of reception antenna and devices were not suitable, and while it was possible, audio visual quality was prohibitive of its wide spread practice. A new antenna system aims to change all that.

Digital Economy

Being on the move, either in a transient manner, or as a requirement of one's job, viewing live television has been offset by poor reception quality. A new antenna designed by a Spanish interest now offers a viable solution via satellite reception. Television viewing has become a major consumable as well as an important factor for education and entertainment. Providing such services to traditionally hard-to-get to places enhances both competition as well as the quality of life. The antenna; a DVB-S receiver, is a fast tracking antenna that can trace signals emitted from GEO satellites regardless of their current positioning. Developed under the EC-funded MOBILITY project, the system is in fact comprised of three related developments: a planar phased array, a mechanical pointing subsystem and finally, the control devices. The planar phased antenna has an range of 32 active sub arrays, each and every one of them separately controlled by an electronic phase-shifter. This gives the antenna a scanning beam capacity in one plane. The antenna's motions are controlled by the mechanical pointing system. It uses two motors to control the azimuth and polarisation matching motions. The control system receives orders from the Pointing Acquisition and Tracking systems (PAT). These signals are then processed in the proper way in order to the controlling signals for the motors. Prototype trials showed successful results not only for live satellite TV, but also for multimedia transmission. Moreover, while primary tests were conducted largely within the maritime environment, the product could be incorporated into largely any mobile service from planes to trains and even automobiles.

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4 September 2018