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Pa-tan-tex an accompanying measure to stimulate the research co-operation between three industrial sectors

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Synergistic research across three industrial sectors

Three major European industrial sectors have combined research efforts aimed at solving common environmental performance problems such as water pollution. This cooperation, which bridges the gap across researchers in the three sectors, utilises knowledge and expertise leading to more effective environmental measures.

Climate Change and Environment

The leather industry, the textile industry and the pulp and paper industry, which comprise three leading industrial sectors in Europe, were once considered highly pollutant. However, that has begun to change thanks to cleaner production technologies. Nevertheless, room for improving their environmental performance remains. Since regions and municipalities within the EU rely on these industries for development, it is vital that such sectors continue to advance technologically and optimise their research and development efforts. It has been noted that the three industrial sectors have common environmental problems. Individually, they all have advanced research committees at work to solve these problems. What had been lacking was communication across the three sectors' researchers who are obviously aimed at the same goals. In fact, in relation to water re-use and wastewater treatment, they sometimes even use the same technology. This is precisely what motivated PATANTEX to launch its collaborative initiative to improve water re-use and waste water treatment. The activities of the researchers involved identifying problems, compiling reports, planning a workshop and providing possible research ideas for the future. Through strategic planning and open communication, duplicate research work was avoided. The new future developments that will arise as a result of these measures will have a multitude of benefits. Since environmental technologies is an expanding business sector, more efficient environmental research in Europe will enhance the competitive advantage of European environmental companies such as manufacturers of wastewater treatment equipment. This in turn will most likely result in increased market share and increased employment. Beyond the economic benefits are those that will secure clean drinking water and bathing water for all respective citizens. Therefore, the results will most likely add up to an improved quality of life.

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