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Predictive through process microstructural modelling of rolling and extrusion of aluminium alloys for client oriented and flexible (VIRFAB)

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Touchless temperature detectors

A new sensor has been developed that can measure high aluminium surface temperature without contact.

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Maintaining superior quality is of crucial importance to the competitiveness of the aluminium manufacturing industry across Europe. Additional standards for the industry lie in creating the least possible impact on the environment. Thus, both process and product need to be continuously altered to meet specific customer demands. The new non-contact sensor which uses two reference radiators and two pyrometers can measure aluminium surface temperature for all alloys, surface-textures and conditions with a better than one percent accuracy. It has been successfully tested for moving strip at temperatures of 350-475K. The sensor, measuring 200x400mm and positioned 20mm above the strip, can be applied to all alloy systems with the least possible recalibration necessary. This is because it works regardless of material composition or microstructure and can be applied at numerous positions of the aluminium rolling or extrusion processes. This gives it significant advantage over pyrometry based detection systems currently in use.

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