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Predictive through process microstructural modelling of rolling and extrusion of aluminium alloys for client oriented and flexible (VIRFAB)


The European aluminium manufacturing industry can only keep its present competitiveness if it can provide superior quality. Furthermore, the industry is obliged to produce with minimal environmental impact. To date, specific processing conditions are optimised on a piecemeal basis using specific models. Full optimisation can only be reached when the combined influence of all the processing parameters during fabrication is known. To make this knowledge applicable it is necessary that it is put in the form of a linked model, a Through Process Model. Such a TPM will provide the industry with a way to tune their processing route and thus their products towards the specific demands of their customers. Optimisation and intelligent processing will lead towards zero waste production and widen the possibilities to use alloys produced using a higher fraction of recycled aluminium. It is expected that this project will generate direct economic advantage of 154 M EURO. The indirect advantage for the whole EU will be even larger.

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