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Programme for integrated earth system modelling

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Finalising European earth system modelling

A plan to establish an infrastructure for a European climate research network has reached its final stage of review.

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PRISM (Programme for Integrated earth System Modelling) was designed to create a European management structure for developing, coordinating and executing a long-term program of climate simulations in Europe. Project partners developed a set of portable climate community models and diagnostic software accessible by all scientists in Europe and have executed the first round of joint simulations. Critical evaluation of PRISM's main sections is crucial for maintaining quality standards. PRISM's key segments consist of the coupler and the component models. The sections include definition, development and assemblage and demonstration phases. During the last year of the project, as it reached its final stage, demonstrations were conducted on multitude platforms with numerous parts. This was done in order to demonstrate that the system functions within a multitude of configurations. The final report is the final outcome and will be issued by PRISM so that it may be a reference for development activities. Furthermore, users will be able to install, initialise and run the PRISM systems on their platforms. If it is distributed widely as according to plan, its benefits to the community should be enhanced. To view the detailed final report, please click at:

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