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Intelligent electroporation

Serious diseases such as cancer or Aids are currently treated through drugs, which are delivered directly into the target cells. New drug delivery technologies are expected to play a significant role towards the cure of these diseases.


High costs and unwanted side effects are only two of the shortcomings of current gene and drug delivery methods, such as viral vectors and traditional electroporation. Traditional electroporation is a method used in order to transfer DNA or chemotherapeutic drugs into the interior of the cell. This is achieved through the creation of small pathways (pores) in the membranes of the cells with the activation of Pulsed Electric Fields. However the method has only been adapted for use in vitro due to the difficulty in producing in vivo, optimal results on a consistent basis. CythorLab, an intelligent electroporation system, is designed for research and laboratory use both in vivo and in vitro. This is possible due to a patented method for continuous cell impedance measurement, which provides the user with an indirect measurement of the size of the pores in the cell membranes. In this way, CythorLab ends the electroporation process automatically, when one or several pre-determined criteria have been met, at the right time so as to result in optimal electroporation, with minimum side effects. Cythorlab allows the creation of pulse combinations containing different frequencies. This allows the electroporation of different size cells during one and the same pulse. The user can visualize the effect of the electroporation prior to the experiment due to the system's powerful software. This specifically designed software allows planning and setup experiments off-line on another computers. Accounts with Login and Access control ensure security for the user's set-up and results. Cythorlab signifies a breakthrough in non-viral drug and gene delivery. This fact combined with the substantial growth in the drug delivery market provides not only new prospects for medical advancement but also for the business market.

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