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A rational approach for reduction of motion sickness & improvement of passenger comfort & safety in sea transportation

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Guidelines for a more comfortable cruise

Guidelines have been created to offer important information, experience and tips regarding the best design for ships in terms of motion sickness and passenger comfort.

Industrial Technologies

Motion sickness standards for ships designed for leisure or transportation are outdated. Even though ships can function in severe weather conditions, they are required to stop operations when they fall short regarding passenger safety and comfort. The COMPASS project has developed a new motion sickness prediction model and realistic standards for motion sickness and passenger comfort in sea transportation. The main goal was to improve the safety of passenger and crew as well as to make passenger and cruise vessels in the European shipping industry more efficient and competitive. Under this initiative, operational guidelines were designed to provide information, experience and tips for the best ship design and operation. They include both cruise and passenger ships in regard to operational decisions like weather routing, improvements in comfort level, engineering assessment and internal design for passenger comfort. As an end product the integrated design tools and guidelines look very promising for European shipyards.

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