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Powerline data exchange for domestic and industrial automation based on uwb approach

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Cutting costs of public address

Professional audio comes in a variety of guises, the most popular for small venues is the system of public address, yet cabling and installation costs for this remain high. Applying WIRENET technology provides the solution.

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Public address is used as a sound reinforcement system, it is able to distribute sound to the general public in and around buildings. Primarily this system is used for speeches made in small venues such as churches and town halls. It requires the installation of cabling, which links all the parts of the system together. As well as the user needing a certain amount of technical knowledge for this, cabling makes up a substantial amount of the cost of using this system of professional audio. This Result demonstrates how WIRENET technology can be used with public address to drive down cost. Dunvegan Networks, a limited company based in Liverpool, UK, has been active in the field of professional audio, in particular in audio conferencing and public address systems. Dunvegan is involved with one of the WIRENET project demonstrators which are intended to demonstrate the feasibility of using medium data rate WIRENET technology to transmit multiple channels of audio via mains power cables. They have long observed the need for this solution. With a successful demonstration of the concept for this application, Dunvegan will develop commercial versions of their systems. It will also exploit the WIRENET results by distributing the standard WIRENET modules within English speaking countries. The WIRENET technology can, when developed into products, contribute to the design of devices to be used in industry and by the consumer, which are cheaper than the current solutions offered. Developing cheap transmission technology for the transmission of such information is going to make a significant difference in amongst other things the use of home appliances.

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