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Compact low emission vehicle for urban transport

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Lightweight vehicle design with maximised performance

A novel lightweight vehicle has been designed sporting the attributes that make it low in energy consumption, exhaust and noise emissions.

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The rise in public mobility has had a negative impact on the environment. Hence there is a critical need for new vehicle solutions as well as environmentally friendly technologies. In accordance with this, the CLEVER project has developed a small vehicle for clean urban transport. This vehicle has the fewest requirements on urban space in terms of traffic as well as parking. Additionally, it has the advantage of low energy consumption as well as low exhaust and noise emissions. Low energy consumption is possible thanks to its lightweight material and design comprised of an aluminium space frame which consists of aluminium profiles joined by cast aluminium connection nodes. A prototype vehicle was used in order to exhibit the energy saving potential of the novel design which can be applied to passenger cars as well as motorcycles. The increased need for aluminium in the automotive industry may be good news for the aluminium industry as well.

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