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European Research Forum for Urban Mobility

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What does the future hold for urban transport?

The Eurforum project identified the most important areas of research in the field of urban mobility and developed the necessary tools for boosting Europe's knowledge base. The resulting information on urban transport was used to create a vision of the future.

Climate Change and Environment

The Eurforum project helped in the coordination of EU-funded research into the mobility of passengers and goods in the urban environment. The work covered road, rail and waterborne based modes of travel, while encouraging the use of public transport. Eurforum also supported walking and cycling initiatives and both technology orientated and policy orientated research. The consortium also focused on the integration and harmonisation of transport systems in new Member States. The project's main outcome was the 'Strategic research agenda' (SRA) for urban mobility, which began with a start-of-the-art review of urban transport and the creation of a vision for the future. The SRA considered a series of issues that were pivotal to the future development of urban transport. Issues studied included innovative strategies for clean transport and tools to support policy developments. The identification of barriers, the exchange of know-how and the dissemination of best-practices was also an important factor in the success of the project. The SRA also facilitated the coordination and cooperation of stakeholders and decision-makers at the European level. The cost-savings that can be made by harmonising different forms of transport in urban areas will make a significant contribution to improving the quality of life for many of Europe's citizens. The Eurforum project can also facilitate the exchange of know-how and experiences from different transport sectors enabling them to become more efficient and provide an even better service.

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