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Promoting of Polish participation in GMES

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Expanding global monitoring in Poland and beyond

Promoting Polish participation in earth observation initiatives is encouraging new international partnerships in this sector.

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'Global monitoring for environment and security' (GMES) is the European initiative for establishing a European presence in 'Earth observation' (EO). The aptly named GMES-Poland project, funded under the EU's Sixth Framework Programme (FP6), to promote Poland's and Central Europe's participation in this initiative. The GMES information centre (GIC) was formed which is greatly contributing to the exchange of information between Polish GMES bodies and opening the lines of communication with Polish co-operators. This contact is also enabling more resourceful Polish participation in GMES activities. Eight thematic panels further facilitated the exchange of information on undertakings of research institutions and assisted in coordinating participation in GMES. Meetings and seminars took place and activities were designed for aeronautics and space, global change and ecosystem concerns. Awareness promotion and user segment growth were also main focus points of the project. The efforts have resulted in a pilot project in cooperation with the 'European space agency' (ESA).

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