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Boosting public debate on scientific issues

Getting scientists and citizens together in the same room will help advance the public debate on a number of critical issues and the FUND project is making it happen.

Climate Change and Environment

Climate change is one of many scientific subjects which spark vigorous public debate in recent years. The way in which this debate is carried out often leaves out a significant part of the population. It does not have to be that way. The FUND project is looking at new ways to open up dialogue between the scientific community and general public, namely city inhabitants. It builds on concepts developed and tested during previous EU-funded research projects. One of the first actions during FUND was the organisation of a seminar to bring together experts in science as well as communications. The discussion focused on developing concepts for events to foster knowledge transfer and open dialogue on different scientific themes. To put these ideas into action, small grants called 'microfunds' have been made available. Furthermore, a set of online tools has been uploaded to the FUND website ( to help potential participants organise and advertise their networking events. A number of different, innovative projects have already been funded. Information about the specific initiatives as well as a general review of all actions can be found on the website. FUND has also registered with a popular social networking site in an effort to encourage interaction with the general public. Both scientists and citizens alike stand to benefit from this fresh approach to connecting people and ideas.

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