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European and Chinese Cooperation on Grid

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The China connection

China and Europe can benefit tremendously from exchange of expertise and information in many fields. One European project is helping to realise this ambitious initiative.

Digital Economy

The sharing of information systems through electronic and other means, often across borders, can be described as a grid. The infrastructure of such a grid includes a variety of teams, experiences and knowledge shared among the different parties. The EU-supported Echogrid project fosters collaboration between the European Union and China in grid research and technologies to create a viable grid system. Echogrid has already developed a roadmap that identifies common areas of interest and opportunities for collaboration on grid technologies between these partners. It has consolidated this vision and promoted cross-fertilisation between grid-related projects and initiatives in the two regions. This involved the exchange of experiences and best practices by selecting standards for interoperability of grid applications and identifying guidelines for quality assurance. One of Echogrid's initiatives - its mobility programme - involved the setting up fellowships for young researchers and a research exchange programme for experienced researchers. This established a platform for lasting cooperation between the two continents and gave the opportunity to several computer scientists to enrich their experience in many ways. The project has also organised a set of thematic workshops on strategic topics defined by the group of experts in the first year. These workshops were open to researchers and engineers from both academia and industry to elucidate the research and development activities both in China and Europe. EchoGrid may boast many noteworthy achievements. Relying on its core members, it has rapidly integrated many of the leading European and Chinese grid stakeholders within its activities, as well as the main grid programmes. It had also boosted interaction between researchers in Europe and China by creating gateways, defining common approaches, developing shared visions, and testing interoperability.



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