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Novel technology for HIgh-PERformance piezoelectric Actuators

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New actuator technology boosts industry

From wind turbine blades to diesel fuel injection, newly designed piezoelectric actuators hold promise for revolutionising technology in a wide variety of applications.

Industrial Technologies

Modern industry and manufacturing processes rely heavily on piezoelectric actuators – devices often used for ultra-precise positioning and to generate high forces or pressures. As equipment becomes more sophisticated and is required to work under a range of conditions, researchers are striving to develop actuators that work well under extreme environments, such as those characterised by high humidity and physical stress. Such technology would be very useful in many applications, such as for wind turbines to lower the cost of wind-produced energy. It could also be used for improving productivity and quality for wire bonding machines and enabling the three-dimensional (3D) packaging of electronic equipment. Also important, more efficient piezoelectric actuators could bring additional fuel savings in cars. The EU-funded project 'Novel technology for high-performance piezoelectric actuators' (HIPER-ACT) aimed to develop better actuators that could boost these applications and many others. The project worked on creating actuators that offer improved resistance to cracks and humidity based on novel ceramic material, improved electrode printing and high-tech innovations. Overall, these enhancements and improvements have meant unparalleled resistance to cracking and humidity, leading to improved reliability. The results were outlined in numerous reports and peer-reviewed publications, in addition to being disseminated at conferences, exhibitions and workshops. HIPER-ACT deliverables in terms of novel piezoelectric actuators will have a positive impact on industry, helping to create better, safer and more accurate devices, vehicles and equipment in a variety of fields. The outcome should be a much more competitive European industry.

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