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Content archived on 2024-06-18

The Greek Interoperability Centre: Enabling Research in the Interoperability Domain

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Supporting interoperability across the Mediterranean

Interoperability is the ability of diverse systems and organisations to work together (inter-operate). The Greek government established the Greek Interoperability Centre (G.I.C.), a new research centre promoting e-government and e-business across the Balkans and the Mediterranean.

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Interoperability was defined by the Europe2020 Conference as a key issue for collaboration between governments of the 27 Member States. The Greek government recognised the challenge and initiated the setting up of the G.I.C. which is responsible for promoting cooperation between both governmental and non-governmental organisations (NGOs). The goal of the project was to establish the G.I.C. as a premium research centre in the field of interoperability, cooperating with local universities across Europe. The Centre recruited experienced staff to establish its future operations and penetrate new markets in the region. The team built the G.I.C. technology lab, responsible for creating scenarios, running interoperability tests and simulations, and providing training and general research. The G.I.C. physical infrastructure includes a demonstration area, a server room, and a meeting room to serve the needs of the Centre and various G.I.C. stakeholders. Attaining status as a national research hub, the Centre comprises more than 10 Greek universities and research centres, five research and development (R&D) departments, and various national policy actors that promote interoperability at both national and regional levels. The G.I.C. issues the 'Interoperability Barometer', a periodical report of key performance indicators on interoperability-related factors in the countries of south-eastern Europe and the Balkans. Promoting cooperation between various types of enterprises, large and small, national and international, government-supported and private should further develop economic prosperity in Europe and facilitate a better understanding of the common goals in Europe and particularly in Mediterranean countries.

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