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Content archived on 2024-05-30

Magnetochemical studies of high valent silver fluorides

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Magnetic behaviour of silver fluorides studied

UK researchers are investigating the magnetic behaviour of high-valent silver fluorides.

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EU-funded scientists from the University of Sussex will examine the magnetic behaviour of high-valent silver fluorides before extending their experiments to other transition metal-containing systems. This work, part of the 'Magneto-chemical studies of high valent silver fluorides' (MAGF) project, will provide magneto-structural information on systems that are 'synthetically challenging and rare', noted the researchers. Moreover, the scientists said that this information will, in turn, 'enable the development of stronger theoretical models of low dimensional, strongly correlated systems in which the interplay of electronic and magnetic properties are necessarily vital to the understanding of the bulk properties' They will gather data by incorporating an ion of similar size to the alkali metal but with a higher charge, thereby forcing the silver ions to adjust their charge to form an electro-neutral lattice. The MAGF research team said that by using a variety of techniques, including 'exploratory synthesis, elastic and inelastic neutron scattering and bulk magnetic measurements', it will 'determine a comprehensive model of the magneto-structural disposition of these systems'.

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