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Coordination of Agricultural Research in the Mediterranean

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Coordinating Mediterranean agricultural research

An EU-funded research network has been set up to coordinate and streamline agricultural research amongst fragmented institutions in the greater Mediterranean area.

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The EU-funded ARIMNET (Coordination of agricultural research in the Mediterranean) project worked to coordinate and enhance agricultural science research cooperation in the Mediterranean. The project gathered more than 3 000 researchers and EUR 300 million in research grants across 11 countries. Initial work provided a precise description of the state of agricultural research in the Mediterranean. ARIMNET also collected information on the way research activities are performed, useful for identifying best practices in the area. The project organised an international conference in Spain to identify priorities and thematic research areas. This conference also indirectly promoted inter-institutional relationships through collaboration and networking. ARIMNET published a joint call for project proposals. Out of more than 80 proposals, 10 projects received ARIMNET funding. Enhanced cooperation in agricultural research between participating countries helps researchers address the multiple challenges of Mediterranean agriculture. The research community created by ARIMNET will provide an enduring resource in facing these challenges.


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